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Atomic Talking Watch - Atomic Wristwatches

Destined to be in your family for years, guaranteed to be the most accurate watches and clocks on the planet. These stunning, sophisticated watches and clocks provide super-accurate time in analog fashion.

For centuries, if someone wanted a watch worthy of passing on to future generations, it had to come from Europe. Then, in 1842, a small American manufacturer of fine timepieces began to produce clocks and watches that rivaled those of the Europeans.

Since then, expert watchmakers have been known around the world for the accuracy and classic elegance of their timepieces. Now, they’ve developed the Continental Atomic Wristwatch - blending quality craftsmanship, distinctive design and atomic accuracy into one watch. It’s destined to be in your family for years, and it’s guaranteed to be accurate to within a billionth of a second.

Never set your watch or clock again. The reason these watches and clocks are so accurate are because they get their signal from the official US Atomic Clock in Fort Collins, Colorado. The standard for time-keeping throughout the US, the Atomic Clock uses sophisticated technology to measure the vibration of atoms, which is constant. For this reason, it is accurate to within a billionth of a second, and will take approximately 6 million years to lose a second! Once you’ve selected the proper time zone, you never have to touch them again. They automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time, 30-day months and leap years.

Designed for a lifetime of accuracy. These finely crafted watches and clocks blend past and future with an elegant, easy-to-read analog display and a handy digital readout, showing Day and Month, Seconds, or U.S. Time Zone at the touch of a button. These good-looking watches are also tough, with a scratch-resistant crystals and polished gold stainless steel cases that are water resistant.

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Unique Gifts for Dad
One of the great things about our atomic watches is they make great gifts for dad throughout the entire year. No matter the occasion, they’ll love keeping perfect time all year round. Buy one today from, powered by

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