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12 Inch Indoor Atomic Clock

This handsome wall clock features atomic time so it automatically sets to the exact time. It is also able to self-adjust and update for daylight saving time. With a 12-inch overall diameter and large black numerals and hands, it’s a wonderful choice for both business and home.

This wall clock calibrates itself to the world’s most accurate clock every night by receiving WWVB radio transmissions. These transmissions contain time information from the U.S. atomic clock source near Boulder, Colorado. When you receive your clock it is able to automatically set itself to the correct time. You then choose which of the four time zone settings applies to where you live. The clock is also able to automatically update for daylight saving time. Additionally, the clock also has manual setting capabilities should you need them.

The clock’s face has a white dial, and wide hands for easy viewing. It also has large, easy-to-read traditional numerals. These handsome wall clocks are framed in solid wood. You are able to choose between two beautiful wood finishes - natural or cherry - to best match your home or office decor.

  • Atomic time with manual setting
  • Automatically sets to exact time
  • Automatically updates for daylight saving time (on/off option)
  • 4 time zone settings
  • Manual reset button
  • Requires 1 "AA" battery (not included)
  • Large, easy to read numbers
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 12" diameter x 2" deep

12 Inch Indoor Atomic Clock
Item: 23076
Price: $49.95

12 Inch Atomic Clock Cherry 12 Inch Atomic Clock Natural 12 Inch Atomic Clock Brown

Cherry Finish


Natural Finish


Brown Finish


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